Every now and then I will vary off my usual blog topic and today is one of them. I wanted to write about a CD I’ve been listening to.

Yes, it’s Yanni…. NOT the typical CD I would buy:-) Everyone knows Yanni for his new age, classic melodies, but after 22 years, he decided to add lyrics. Yanni discovered four singers – Nathan Pacheco, Ender Thomas, Leslie Mills and Chloe. He and his producer turned them loose, encouraging the four to write lyrics for the songs that moved them most. He calls it Yanni Voices.

At the blog conference, Blissdom, we got to see a screening of the live show and two of the singers came out to meet us!

You might have remembered the story of the “Hot Latin Guy’s Assets” that Angie wrote! LOL! If you didn’t… you have to read the story about how I made her stand in line to meet these guys:-) It will crack you up!! Well, after listening to their music in more detail, I’m very happy I forced her to stand in line.

They are not only hot, but ultra talented. I told Angie they would be famous someday and I still stand by that. Nathan, Leslie, Ender and Chloe are incredible. This is the type of music you are truly moved by. It’s not only beautiful, but so relaxing. I have it on all the time when I’m working now.

I think Leslie is one of my latest girl crushes! ha. Her voice is to die for. Just listen to the song “Before the Night Ends” here and you’ll see what I mean. I even sent her a message via Twitter telling her that she was my new favorite artist. So unlike me! I’m not really into musicians that aren’t John Mayer:-) I was happily surprised to get a reply back from Leslie! Now she really is up there with John. Ha!

Here’s the good part!

One 2 One Network, who was kind enough to send me the CD, is giving one away to you!!

Just leave a comment and you’re entered to win! I’ll pick a random winner on Friday.

Awesome Photos by: Angie Arthur & Yanni Voices

Originally published on April 14, 2009. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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  1. yanni voice is the worst album.
    i never buy the cd or hear all song from that cd.
    very crap
    another voice, another song from other many artist is better.
    yanni, better doing some instrument again.
    etnicity s the best part

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