I’m so excited to tell you about my night last night!

My friend Marti and I went to the Yanni Voices concert in Dallas. Thanks One2One Network, we got GREAT seats and VIP passes to go backstage for a meet and greet with the singers.

Everyone knows Yanni for his classic melodies, but after 22 years, he decided to add lyrics. Yanni discovered four singers – Nathan Pacheco, Ender Thomas, Leslie Mills and Chloe. He and his producer turned them loose, encouraging the four to write lyrics for the songs that moved them most. He calls it Yanni Voices.

It was really a wonderful night. The orchestra was amazing! They had battles between the drummers and violinists that were crazy fun. The talent on that stage was incredible. Of course the singers were the highlight of the night. All four of them were of course amazing!

The show was very sexy! Lots of passionate songs and even some dancing that made me blush. Marti and I giggled at what the older crowd was probably thinking. As we were leaving to go back stage a few white haired ladies shouted “WE LOVE YOU!!!” to the drummer as he walked by them. You would have thought he was Elvis or something. LOL! So I think the sexy music got them all riled up! hee.

There was a line to get back stage, but when we walked up a guy pointed to us and said “YOU! Get back here.” Then we were ushered right past all the waiting people with VIP passes. We don’t know why we got plucked out of the group, but it was fun!! We got to hang out with the singers before the room was filled up.

We met the boys at the Blissdom Conference back in February, so I was excited to meet the girls this time! The room was super dark and had awful lighting, so please ignore the weird yellow coloring on everyone’s faces.

Leslie and Chloe were so gorgeous and sweet. I was hoping some of their talent seeped into me right there. I tried singing a little this morning and nope… nada… nothing. Thanks a lot girls!

The guys seemed to have fond memories of us mommy bloggers. Apparently at one conferences someone threw a nursing bra at them! Oh my!

You just have to hug Ender when you see him. He’s so darn cute and nice!

Above is Nathan with Marti and me. We took these with Marti’s camera and they turned out SOOO blurry! Whaaa! He’s so cute, these just don’t do him justice!! If you can’t tell, I was a little giddy and blushing.

If this concert is coming to your area, you need to go!! It’s so worth it! Yanni will make you smile for sure, he’s pretty amazing live.

Thanks for going with me Marti:-) It was good seeing my blog friend MommaDJane again too!

Originally published on June 15, 2009. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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