Lemon & Lavender  Linen Spray

DIY Lemon & Lavender Linen Spray

Make your sheets, towels and home smell fresh with this easy DIY organic air freshener.

What you need

– 30 Drops of Essential Oils (Lemon & Lavender) – 3 oz. Rubbing Alcohol – 1.5 cups Distilled Water – Spray Bottle – Funnel

Step 1

In a glass bowl, mix 15 drops of lemon oil and 15 drops of lavender oil and the rubbing alcohol.

Step 2

 Add distilled water to the mixture and pour into a spray bottle.

Shake and Spray

This is the perfect spray to make your towels and bedding smell amazingly fresh!

More Uses...

– Spray on car floor mats to help your car smell fresh. – Spray in your shower.  – Spray in the toilet. – Spray on furniture fabric, drapes and pillows. – Spray the floor mat in your bathroom.