Today is Unplugged Day!  What is that?

My friend Kimba did a post about how she struggles with priorities, especially blogging vs. real life. Well, I can totally relate to her on that one!! She got such a huge response on her post, that she came up with this day as being a day to turn it all off.

No blogging, email or Twitter.

If you participate, be sure to write about what you did or if you couldn’t stand it and had to cheat… basically just write about your experience and link to her blog on Monday the 30th.

I will be checking email and on my computer though because I have to work… bummer I know! But I will NOT be blogging, commenting on blogs, Facebook, the I ? Faces Network or on Twitter today. THAT will be hard enough for me. EEK!! Sorry Fix-It Fridays… I will miss you and be sure to visit ASAP Sat. morning! Heck I might actually get some work done today!!

So in honor of Unplug Day I pulled out one of my favorite posts I did way back when I first started blogging in August. Hope you enjoy and get unplugged… of course AFTER you read this post right?


My mom loves to collect things. Her hobby is the small antique booth she maintains in Oklahoma. She saved pretty much everything from my childhood! I’m always surprised with something neat when she comes to visit. And now, I can’t bear to part with them either.

This last weekend, she brought my children’s record collection. The last time she visited, she brought my 80’s record player that I saved for practically a year to buy! ha. It’s a piece of technology that my husband can actually use. I have often come home to find him and the kids listening to Barry Manilow (his favorite!) or Hall and Oats (gotta luv Private Eyes– they see your every move!)

Check out these great covers. I need to frame them. A few records were warped, but most are in mint condition. They have brought back some happy memories.

My son has really enjoyed listening to the books and stories.

He thinks it’s cool I was into Super Heroes too. Wonder Woman was the best! Remember Underoos? You know you had some!

I have no idea if these are worth anything or not? I did a Google search and found Peter Muldavin who is a collector who has over 12,000 vintage children’s records. He sells CDs and MP3s of old records, check out his music library page… it’s so cool!! WARNING, you might spend a lot of time going through each record like I did. My son is going to LOVE this web site. I’m going to make him listen to “Manners Can Be Fun” over and over.

What do you have in your collection? Anything you kept from your childhood? Please leave a comment and share.

Originally published on March 27, 2009. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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  2. Wow, these records really do bring back memories! My dad is a big saver, thank goodness! He still has all our childhood 45 rpm records. They were the kind that were a translucent red color. Little Toot, the Harbor Tug, Tweety, Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, mostly from the 50s. He is also saving my teen 45s, Beatles, Hollies, Dave Clark 5, etc. (yes, I am OLD! LoL!)
    Thanks for the nice reminder of the good ol’ days!

    julie’s last blog post..Earth Hour

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