Star Wars Wallpaper

Modern Star Wars wallpaper would make any home decor project fun!  I was on Twitter and saw someone mention this so of course, I had to check it out. Anything Star Wars is a must in our house!

I was surprised to see that a former co-worker of mine from Fossil, Brian Flynn, designed this! Brian a talented designer, started a Japanese inspired toy store in San Francisco called Super 7 and is now a pretty famous guy in the design world! He was even featured on Apple. (Yes… the Mac Apple.)

Star Wars Wallpaper

From Super 7’s blog:

Originally created by Super7 founder Brian Flynn as unique decoration for his retail store on San Francisco’s historic Haight St, the wallpaper was noticed by Star Wars super-collector and author Steve Sansweet, who took note of the high-quality and striking presentation.  Super7 then contacted Lucasfilm to turn the one-of-a-kind wall art into an officially licensed product.

I’m always amazed to find out where my talented design friends have ended up. There are so many of them doing such big and inspiring work. Makes me proud of them all.  I miss the days when we were all in cubicles together, before the internet, iPhones and when drawing with markers was what everyone did.

Way to go Brian! Love your work. I’m sure it will be on my son’s wall very soon.

Check out Super 7 for more fun goodies!

Originally published on September 16, 2011. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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  1. It’s really impressive that after all these years, Star Wars is still popular among kids and adults. They haven’t made a new movie in a while(let’s hope they do, soon) but it seems like their fan base is still growing over the years.

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