I was tagged by Tidy Mom a while back to tell 5 random things about myself. (I think it was 5?) While I’m waiting on birthday photos to upload on my computer, I thought this would be a fun post for today!

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I’ve written a lot of random things about myself here, so today I thought having a theme would be much more exciting!

5 random people I’ve known who became famous…

1. James Marsden

Photo by Jesse Grant –  WireImage.com

At Oklahoma State, we called him Jimmy. He was probably only 19 years old when I knew him. WOW! Look at him now.

I remember he was always singing and performing. I don’t know if he’d remember me from Adam now. That was a long time ago!! LOL!  I love that he made it big time from a small town in Oklahoma. Go Jimmy! My favorite movies he’s acted in were Enchanted, The Notebook and 27 Dresses.


2. Bret Baier

Bret is the anchor of “Special Report With Bret Baier.” He formerly served as chief White House correspondent for FOX News. I met Bret in college during the summer I lived in Hilton Head, SC. He was a reporter for a small news station then. Who knew he would be interviewing the president someday? He was, and probably still is a super sweet guy! I found this fun pic in my old photo album. Wow… look how tan and young we were! ha.

3. Edwin McCain


Edwin is one of my favorite musicians! I’m sure you’ve all heard his hit “I’ll be.” The photo above with Bret was taken at Wild Wing Cafe in Hilton Head where at least 2 nights a week Edwin would be performing. We were there each week hanging out listening to Edwin. Just down the street was Hootie and the Blowfish! Talk about one FUN summer!! I think the following year Hootie became really popular and took Edwin on tour with them. Soon after that he had a number one hit!

4. Nolan Ryan

I art directed a photo shoot with Nolan Ryan years ago. It was a lot of fun and he was super nice and signed several baseballs for me. For those of you who aren’t from Texas or into baseball… Nolan Ryan was a record breaking pitcher for the Texas Rangers. I guess he was already famous when I worked with him, but it’s still fun to show this picture.

5. Marlboro Man

If you’re fans of The Pioneer Woman, You’ll know who I’m talking about. I have several other photos with famous people… but in the blog world this guy might be more well known so I chose him for #5. I went to high school with MM, the Pioneer Woman’s husband. Sorry MM, I thought this picture was hilarious! Had to put it on here:-) This is from 1987… read the caption and it’s even funnier. MM is in the middle with the #15 shaved in his hair. Ha! Don’t you just love high school?  It was a very small school, so everyone knew everyone. That’s why I enjoy reading Ree’s blog so much. It’s fun when friends from home come to visit. I get caught up a little:-)

Now I’m tagging any of you reading this. Have you known anyone who became famous? Have some good photos with a celebrity? Do a post about it and let me know or just write about it in the comments. I’d love to hear your stories.

Originally published on January 20, 2009. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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  1. I wrote Holly Black an email back when I was in high school (when she just started writing The Spiderwick Chronicles.) She wrote me back. That’s about as close to fame as I’ve come.

    Satsuki’s last blog post..Homemade Glue

  2. I used to work for REM. They’re all very nice, although Michael Stipe was not a big fan of showers at the time, lol.

    And I’ve seen Edwin McCain and George Hincapie around town (I live in Greenville, SC) but I’ve never spoken to them.

    keli’s last blog post..another day, another dr. appt

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