I bring you a delay in normal posting because we woke up to this today…

I’m amazed by all this snow and have been snapping photos all morning. This is a big deal for us Texans!! We can actually make a real snowman. WOW!

I’m off to dig in drawers and the backs of closets to find some winter clothes because today we’ll have the biggest snowball fight ever!

Besides the snow, I had another shock this week when I clicked here. I admire this girl so much and am truly honored to be included with so many wonderful web sites. Thanks Ree!!!! Oh and if you need a big belly laugh today, just read this and you’ll get it.

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Originally published on February 12, 2010. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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  1. I had no idea you were in the Dallas area! I am as well and I couldn’t believe the snow! I was like you snapping the pictures! Never mind that my feet were frozen since I don’t own snow boots!
    My hubbie is an OSU grad and I went to OU! I feel like I have found my long lost sister! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful pictures and downloads!

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