Cute Shabby Chic Princess Birthday Party Ideas!

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Today, I’m excited to feature Jenny a creative mom who blogs at The NY Melrose Family. She got creative with her daughter’s Princess Birthday Party and you’ll love the sweet and simple details! Welcome Jenny as she tells you more about her party…

I am so excited to have the opportunity to share with the lovely audience of Living Locurto. Over at The NY Melrose Family we love planning a good party and when I say love, I mean, big puffy heart kind of love. We feel that it’s all about the details of a party and because of this we plan everything right down to the cupcake toppers.

In order to keep everything organized, I use my Party Planning Free Printable and start planning like crazy. My daughter’s Shabby Chic Princess Birthday Party wasn’t any different. I was inspired by the darling printables of SunshineParties and matched all of my decor and food to them.

Cute Shabby Chic Princess Birthday Party Ideas!

The dessert table consisted of a Rose Cake with my Buttercream Frosting. The cupcakes were also frosted using the buttercream frosting.

The other desserts consisted of princess shaped sugar cookies and strawberry cake pops, which were extremely similar to my Lemon Cake Pops, but substituted strawberry cake mix for lemon. For a healthy snack choice, I had my Magic Wand Fruit Kabobs.

Cute Shabby Chic Princess Birthday Party Ideas!

My daughter’s birthday is three weeks before Christmas so to keep the guests busy I like to create a Christmas ornament. For her three year old party, which was a Cupcake Fairy Party, we created cupcake ornaments. This year we created something a bit more princess like.

Shabby Chic Princess Birthday Party Ornament Favor Craft

We created a Princess Ornament Craft that came out gorgeous. I used glass bulbs because that was all I could find, but I would highly recommend going with plastic bulbs. I love how it came out and it looked gorgeous on our tree.

Princess Ornament Craft

When the guests first arrived they received their party favors. I try my best to make sure to include a boy option for my daughter’s very girly birthday parties. My nephews definitely seem to appreciate that.

Cute Shabby Chic Princess Birthday Party Ideas!

We had Princess Party Favors that consisted of medallion necklaces and pins, which took about ten minutes to create all of them.

Princess Party Favors DIY Pins and Necklaces

I also had DIY King’s Crown Party Favors, which were so easy that I was even shocked. Plus, they held up fantastically.

Party Favors for Kids DIY Kings Crown

My little four year old princess was definitely a happy camper. We finished off the party with a fun game of pin the lips on the frog, which my daughter thought was extremely funny since she had just seen The Princess and the Frog.

Cute Shabby Chic Princess Birthday Party Ideas!




ABOUT JENNY: Jenny is a wife, mother and reading specialist in a low income city school district. She is also the the founder of – a lifestyle website sharing crafts, recipes, diy and party planning projects perfect for those looking for something quick and easy. Jenny is also editor of the Mom Cave at Bonbon Break, which is an online magazine. With two girls under the age of five, Jenny’s projects are toddler friendly and the perfect opportunity to create a special moment with your family.

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Originally published on March 13, 2014. Last Updated on April 18, 2019 by Amy Locurto

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