Last Saturday I got the most awesome present… a morning at the spa with other bloggers… for FREE! When I got the invitation from Holly & the Scrubbing Bubbles team to attend, it took me about one second to say “Hello… are you kidding me? Of course!” Bloggers and spa treatments are my two most favorite combinations, well besides chocolate and marshmallows.

(photo by Gretchen aka Texan Mama)

What an awesome day with some of my favorite bloggers…..

Front row: Rachel – Quirky Momma * Laurie – Tip Junkie * Bianca – Becoming Bianca * Cynthia – Oh So Cynthia * Kim – Savor The Days * Holly – Our awesome hostess – June Cleaver Nirvana * Shauna – Blah Blah Blog —   Back row: Me (Hiding in the back because I already had my clothes on) * Mariah –  Humphries Nation * Lynley –  Save The Phillips Family * Rebekah – DFW Mama * Candace – MamaMia * Angela * Gretchen – Who Put Me In Charge Of These People??? * Not pictured Shannon – Milk and Cuddles & Lea Ann – Mommy’s Wish List

The whole purpose was to learn about the new Scrubbing Bubble’s product. I loved their sign with Holly’s giant photo! Because we know that’s what we all look like when we clean our bathroom! LOL! She even got to take it home with her, which of course went directly on top of her mantel.

At first when I read Scrubbing Bubbles, I thought we were getting some kind of special product for our face. ha! When really it was the cleaning product… which I must say I needed much more than a face cleanser:-)

The new bottle has a continuous sprayer (battery operated), who knew we needed such a thing? As soon as I got home, I tried it on my yucky shower door and was surprised by how easy and fast it was to clean not only my door, but the entire shower. I just stood there and held down the sprayer and it did all the work. I love that kind of cleaning!!

Scrubbing Bubbles is giving away a goodie basket just like the one we got at the spa. To enter, just leave a comment telling me what your most hated and favorite chores are and why.

Mine would be: Most hated: Laundry (because it just stinks… literally!), Favorite: Vacuuming (can’t hear the screaming kids, it’s repetitive and instant results.) Tell me yours and I’ll announce the winner next weekend!

**This giveaway is closed – Congrats to Kelly O for winning!

See the note pad? It’s for the shower for all those brainstorming ideas you have while naked and wet:-) Pretty cool!

A HUGE thanks to Holly and Scrubbing Bubbles for the wonderful, relaxing day!

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Disclaimer: “This product is being given to the winner  free of charge in exchange for hosting this giveaway on my site, the opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.”

Originally published on April 23, 2010. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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  1. I lvoe doing laundry because it is so satisfying to fold and put away all the clean towels, clothes and socks.

    i hate doing dishes because I can’t stand scrapping old food off everyone elses plates. yuck

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