25 Fun Party Ice Cube & Candy Mold Trays. So many great ideas for drinks, candy and more! LivingLocurto.com

I love finding unique ways to decorate a party. Getting creative with Ice Cube Trays and Candy Molds are a simple way to surprise guests with a fun “extra touch” that takes very little effort!

I was shopping online and came across a few cool ice cube trays. Then I kept finding more and more awesome shapes. Today, I have rounded up my 25 Favorite Ice Cube Trays for a party! From shot glasses you can freeze to movie themes, you’re sure to find something perfect for your next big party.

What can you do with ice cube trays?

Ice cube trays are good for many more things than just freezing water!

  • Fill trays with all kinds of things like colorful Kool-Aid for rainbow drinks, herbs and lemon juice for tea, pureed fruit, edible flowers with water, coffee for making easy iced coffee drinks, leftover wine for cooking, juice and more.
  • Make unique DIY gifts by melting used crayons and chocolate in silicone trays.
  • Add fun shaped ice to buckets for chilling wine, party punch bowls, pitchers or specialty drinks.

I hope you enjoy all of these fun ideas I found for you!

25 Fun Party Ice Cube & Candy Mold Trays. So many great ideas for drinks, candy and more! LivingLocurto.com

Not Your Usual Ice Cube Tray Shapes

With so many fun shapes available, you don’t need to buy the typical ice cube trays we had as kids. Take a look at these cool shaped trays to keep on hand for a party.

Baby & Wedding Shower Party Ideas

diamond ring ice cube tray

These ice cube tray shapes would be great for punch, drinks and party favors at a wedding or baby shower!


Movie and TV Themed Ice Cube & Candy Mold Trays. So many great Party Ideas for drinks, candy and more! LivingLocurto.com

Movie & TV Themed Ice Cubes

Use themed ice cube trays for super fans of these movies and shows!


Fun Trays For the Girls

princess frozen ice cube tray


Fun Trays For the Guys

Shark ice cube trays

Shark Fin Ice Cube Trays

Pac Man Ice Cube Trays

Guitar Ice

Now all you need are a few great drink recipes where cool ice cubes would make a big splash! You might enjoy these:

Top 3 Easy Pitcher Drink Recipes

Top 3 Drinks Cocktails Recipes

Originally published on January 19, 2015. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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