Cute Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas, Printables, Scrapbook Supplies by Amy Locurto

My baby girl wanted a Mermaid Birthday Party.

Here is what she got…. I hope you enjoy these fun ideas from my daughter’s Mermaid Party!

**Exciting Update!** My mermaid designs were turned into super cute party and scrapbook products! You can buy them here.

Party Designs

I had the best time drawing her as a mermaid for the invitation!

Her name was on the invite, I just put “girl” on here for the blog. I designed this invite especially for my daughter (this design is not for sale), but I do have a really cute version of it which is available in my shop. You can customize it with your own party details before printing too!

Mermaid Party Invitation


Mermaid Party Table & Food Ideas

I didn’t go crazy on the decorations as I wanted something simple and easy because I put all of my time into the food and crafts. The backdrop was sheer sparkly fabric and a few balloons. I wanted a feeling of being under the water.

Mermaid Party Dessert Table - Living Locurto

I think these cupcake toppers took a lot longer to design than to make the sandy beach cupcakes! I now have the Mermaid designs for sale in my shop.

Mermaid Party Printables - Living Locurto - Party ideas

The food was sushi sandwiches, brownie bombs, brownie starfish pops, goldfish crackers, fruit, pizza and blue Gatorade.

Cute Mermaid Party Birthday Food Ideas by Amy Locurto


Seahorse Cookies

I love these adorable cookies Bridget from Bake at 350 made of my seahorse designs! How cute are these? Get a free printable template and directions on how to make these cookies here.

Seahorse Sugar Cookies for Mermaid Party-  Bake at 350

Little Mermaids

The guests were three little girls, their siblings and one little boy (her boyfriend!).

I made these easy no sew mermaid tails for the girls. I didn’t realize how tall they all were compared to my girl! So some were way shorter than they should have been. You can see directions on how to make these at the bottom of this post. Of course, each mermaid got a crown too!

No Sew Mermaid Tails - DIY Craft - Party Idea - Living Locurto

We had lots of fun and games!

Pin the crown on Ariel (which even the older brothers wanted to do), an under the sea treasure hunt and the older siblings had a blast in the dance contest! Oh my… there were some moves going on that should have been outlawed!! LOL! And of course opening presents at the end was a big highlight!

Cute Mermaid Party Birthday Ideas by Amy Locurto

Taking photos as a mermaid was a hit, even with a few boys!!

I bought a large blue foam core board and spray glued a large cut-out of my mermaid drawing. I cropped in close so you couldn’t see their hands holding the board.

Mermaid Party - Party Ideas - Photo Props - Living Locurto

Mermaid Decor & Goodies

I found cute Ariel lunch boxes half-off at the Disney Store and filled them up for goodie bags. The boys all got Sponge Bob cups filled with pirate goodies.

Centerpieces were big cut-outs on silver chargers with pearls and shells surrounding them. I also had a table with a treasure chest and more food, but didn’t get photos.

Cute Mermaid Party Birthday Ideas Printables by Amy Locurto

Cute Mermaid Party Birthday Ideas by Amy Locurto

DIY Ideas for a Mermaid Party

How to make a no sew mermaid tail.

Party Craft Idea- No Sew Mermaid Tail - Living Locurto

I am not a sewer, so I didn’t do any particular measuring. The best advice I can give on how to make these yourself is to measure your little mermaid’s waist then add some extra fabric for wrapping. Also measure from her waist to the floor for the length.

For more instructions on how to make the mermaid tails, visit this updated post about it here.


Sushi Sandwiches

Roll cheddar cheese, cucumbers, cream cheese and turkey up in a piece of white bread. I also added mustard to some.

Fun Food Idea - Sushi Sandwiches - Mermaid Party - Living Locurto

Song List

  • Under the Sea, Little Mermaid Soundtrack
  • Caribbean Birthday My Princess, Kiskadee
  • Happy Birthday, The Ting Tongs/ Yo Gabba Gabba!
  • Happy Birthday, Delroy Wilson/Reggae

Dance Contest Songs (the kids loved these!)

  • I Like to Move It, 2
  • Jump N’ Move, The Brand New Heavies/Happy Feet
  • Jump Around, House of Pain

Cute Mermaid Party Birthday Ideas by Amy Locurto

Thanks for coming to see the party! I had a blast making everything and hope you got some inspiring ideas.  -Amy

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Blonde Mermaid Party DesignsDark Hair Mermaid Birthday Party Designs

Redheaded Mermaid Birthday Party DesignsDark Hair Mermaid Birthday Party Designs

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Cute Mermaid Party Birthday Supplies - Party with Amy Locurto


Originally published on July 28, 2009. Last Updated on April 18, 2019 by Amy Locurto

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