I was going to make you a cute download for today, but decided I needed to stop and plan some meals for the next month instead… or at least think about it:-)

After listening to our awesome MOPS speaker, Brenna Stull, I was motivated to get more organized for my family’s well being. Did you know sharing a meal regularly, research suggests, can boost children’s health and well being, reducing the likelihood that they’ll become obese or use drugs, and increase the chances that they’ll do well in school? That means a LOT of good comes out of family meals!! I have not made that a priority lately and decided to do some research on the web to find some ideas for meal planning. Here’s what I’ve found so far. Please leave a comment if you have other suggestions. This busy mom needs all the help she can get!!!


Dinner Tonight

Daily dinner ideas from Everyday Food

Lazy-Day Chili





This Week for Dinner

Every Sunday Jane Maynard posts her weekly dinner plan. TWFD friends then post their menus in the comments section, providing her (and everyone else) with fresh ideas every week.



I love the recipes on both of these sites, they are perfect for my family, but I’m really busy and would love to have everything for the week in a printable document with a grocery list.

So I dug around Martha’s site some more and found a section called Grocery Bag! It has the week’s meals planned out with a printable grocery list. Perfect!

I really like this week’s menu…



I also found this site that has exactly what I was looking for with free weekly meal plans that include everything organized in a printable pdf file. Complete with grocery list and recipes. You have to pay to get personalized meals. I’m going to try out the freebies for now. You can download any of their past meal plans for free without having to sign up here. The recipes I’ve seen are okay, but not as yummy sounding as Everyday Food’s.

I’d love to know what resources you have found. Please let me know in the comments. Look for a new download later this week after I’m done meal planning:-)

UPDATE: Since posting this, my facebook & Twitter friends gave me a few other ideas. I’ll have to check these out too:

Allrecipes.com They also have an iPhone app.




Originally published on January 27, 2009. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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  1. my family meal planner – it’s awesome with a cookbook of recipes and tear off shopping lists that coordinate. perfect!

  2. Yea; another great find! I’m going to add this to my feedreader. Fabulous blog, Amy! You’ve always been so creative; I’m in awe. Thanks for the recipes. After being out of commission all last week (that darn Influenza B), I’ve got to get back into my cooking routine. I’m thinking I for sure need to do the carrot risotto and the tortilla soup with black beans…

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