I heard that writing in shaving cream is a fun way to practice hand writing and the perfect kids activity. Since my goal this summer is to help my son with his writing, I thought why not try it?

I put saran wrap over a kid table and let them him spray the shaving cream and write some words.

Learning to Write with Shaving Cream

His baby sister was more than willing to write too! It was harmless enough………. for a little while:-)

Learning to Write with Shaving Cream

Before long the floor was covered in shaving cream and so was baby sis!

Learning to Write with Shaving Cream

I wish the picture with a mouthful of shaving cream had turned out. I was laughing so hard, the photo turned out too blurry! LOL! No it does NOT taste good kids!

Learning to Write with Shaving Cream

At least we had some entertainment to keep them busy for a little while this summer!

What have you been doing with your kids this summer?

We’ve been swimming a lot, but now the pools in Texas are starting to feel like bath water. I don’t know about you, but I’m going a little nuts already and it’s not even July yet! Calgon take me away!!!

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Originally published on July 2, 2009. Last Updated on July 20, 2016 by Amy Locurto

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  1. i love this idea! i used to use shaving cream in my classroom a few times a year to clean the student’s desks off with. they LOVED it and it worked really well. i’d put a pile on their desk, then they would play with it until it pretty much disappeared. we wiped it down then with a sponge and PRESTO…a clean desk! my classroom always smelled like a man when we were done, but it was well worth the smiles and fun!

    Kelly’s last blog post..bottle it up!

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