Best ever JoJo Siwa Birthday Cake ideas! Easy to decorate cake with JoJo cookies, rainbows and unicorn cake toppers is perfect for teens or kids.

JoJo Siwa Birthday Cake Ideas for Teens and Kids - Hot Pink Drip Cake with colorful cookies and cake toppers.

Cute JoJo Siwa Birthday Cake Ideas

My daughter turned 15 this week and believe it or not, she wanted a JoJo Siwa Birthday Cake. I’m loving that she wanted rainbows, unicorns, bows and glitter! 

What’s funny is when she was little, she didn’t like those things. As much as I tried, she was only into her stuffed animals, Olaf (this Disney Frozen party was so fun) and wanted to dress more like an adult. I guess she is making up for missing out on glitter and rainbows it in her teenage years. Ha!

If you love amazing cakes, you’ll enjoy our easy to decorate rainbow and unicorn themed JoJo cake with the cutest cake toppers that will wow your guests!

JoJo Siwa Birthday Cake - Hot Pink Drip Cake with colorful cookies and cake toppers.

How Do You Decorate a Cake for a JoJo Siwa Birthday Party?

I love to decorate cakes with printables, cookies or other embellishments. For this Jojo Siwa birthday cake, I used a store bought 8” round cake. 

Normally I would have baked it myself, like I did for this super cute How to Train Your Dragon Cake, but life has been too busy lately. My son is going to college next week and we just got back from Universal Orlando and I had no extra time to bake. 

JoJo Siwa Birthday Cake Toppers with rainbow cookies
JoJo Siwa Birthday Cake with Custom Sugar Cookies

Jojo Siwa Sugar Cookies

My friend Lusie from Lusie’s Sweet Art made me the cutest custom decorated JoJo Siwa sugar cookies. I showed her a few illustrations from JoJo’s new collectable toys and was wowed by how amazing her adorable cookie creations turned out!

Lusie is so talented and if you live in the Dallas, Texas area make sure to follow her on Instagram to contact her to order your own amazing sugar cookies. 

These are OREO flavored sugar cookies and they not only look so stinking cute, but taste amazing! I asked Lusie to make a few cookie pops so I could use them as cake toppers.

JoJo Siwa Birthday Sugar Cookie Pops

What Kind of Birthday Cake Should I Order?

If you want to order a cake instead of baking one, contact your local grocery store or local baker. Ask for an 8” round cake with white butter cream frosting over the entire thing and hot pink dripped frosting on the top. 

Our birthday cake was all chocolate with vanilla frosting. Buttercream frosting works the best for drip cakes as it holds it’s shape better than whipped frosting. Now get your JoJo themed cake toppers and you’re all set!

Hot Pink Drip Cake for Jo Jo Siwa Birthday Party

What are the Best JoJo Siwa Cake Decorations?

There are an incredible amount of Jojo Siwa themed cake toppers that make amazing birthday cake decorations.

I found so many that I had a hard time deciding what to use. Since I wanted an original cake that nobody has seen before, I went with my own creations.

Here is what I used:

Walmart also has  a super cute Jojo siwa Cake topper find it here.

Rainbow Unicorn Cake Toppers
Rainbow and Unicorn Cake Toppers for a JoJo Siwa Birthday Cake

Where Do You Get a Custom Glitter Cake Topper?

I love the sparkly custom-made glitter cake topper Karen from CelyEllieJ Designs sent me with my daughter’s name! I was definitely a favorite among her friends.

Everyone wanted to know where we got it. Now you know! Be sure to check out Karen’s Instagram and Etsy shop for your own personalized laser cut name decorations.

Purple Glitter Custom Name Cake Topper

Cute Ideas for Jojo Siwa Birthday Party Favors

JoJo Siwa Birthday Cake. Hot Pink Drip Cake with colorful rainbow cookies and cake toppers.
Adorable Jojo Siwa Birthday Cake

I hope you enjoyed this fun birthday cake inspiration! My daughter had a great 15th birthday and loved her cake and cookies. No matter if you are 5 or 15, a Jojo Siwa birthday cake is super fun!

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