DIY Gnome Christmas gifts made with Dollar Store fuzzy socks and candy in a jar are easy and so cute!

There’s no place like gnome when you make this cute garden gnome craft! I’m not kidding when I say this might be the CUTEST craft I’ve ever made. Best of all it’s so easy!

How to make a Gnome DIY Dollar Tree Craft

How to Make A Gnome From Socks

I’ve you’ve been wondering how you make gnomes, then you’ll love this easy 10 minute Christmas gnome tutorial.

With only a few craft supplies, you’ll have the most adorable candy and fuzzy sock gift for anyone! Kids, teachers, friends and family will love this sweet homemade gift. It would a great idea from an Elf on the Shelf too!

Actually, these gnomes are so cute, you might just keep them for yourself like I did! Ha! Be sure to watch my video tutorial and I’ll show you how to make simple a Gnome family village centerpiece.

This easy DIY craft is such a fun idea for homemade Christmas decorations!

How to make a Gnome Dollar Store Craft by Amy Locurto


DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Gift Tutorial

There’s no place like GNOME when you make this cute Christmas gnomes craft! You can find most of what you need at the Dollar Tree. Each gnome jar only costs about 5 dollars each.

DIY Christmas Gnomes Craft Tutorial with Socks


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Easy Homemade Christmas Gnomes

Our little standing Christmas gnomes are super easy to make in about 10 minutes. All you need are a few items to have the cute holiday home decor or DIY gifts.

How to make Christmas Gnomes - DIY Gnome Family Village

What Do I Need to Make Gnomes?

Believe it or not, you only need a few supplies to make homemade Gnomes. This is what I used for mine, you can find most items at the Dollar Tree or any craft store.

  • Dollar Store Fuzzy Socks – (Here are some cute socks on Amazon)
  • A Mason jar or repurposed jar
  • Craft fur
  • Rock or wooden round ball
  • Candy to fill your jar if giving as a gift
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaner (optional)

I recommend using different colors of craft fur for the Gnome beards. It’s fun having a family of them with different color of hair! Click here to find all kind of different colors of —> craft fur.


How to Make a Gnome Hat From a Sock

After you fill you jar with candy, it’s time to make the gnome hat. There is no need for stuffing or cutting, because you use one fuzzy sock as the hat and the other as the stuffing.

Roll up one sock and place it inside of the other.

Tie the toe of the sock hat into a ball. If the fuzzy sock is too thick to tie, just use a pipe cleaner and tie around the tip to form a little ball.

Now place the sock over the jar and shape it however you like. It’s already starting to look adorable!

How to make a sock gnome


How to Make a Gnome Face

You could stop right here, but adding the face to the jar is what makes these gnomes so stinking cute!

Start by cutting the fur to the width of your jar. Trim the beard however you like it.

With hot glue, glue the fur to the jar. Be sure to move the sock so it doesn’t get glue on it.

Next, hot glue a wooden ball or rock as the gnome nose. I added my nose right onto the fur and then secured to the glass jar.

After the glue dries, pull the sock down over the beard and you have the cutest gnome!

How to Make Dollar Tree Christmas Gnomes Easy DIY Centerpiece

Christmas Gnome Family Village Centerpiece

I couldn’t stop making these cute gnomes! Once you make one, you’ll definitely want to make more. Why not make a cute Gnome family village? Here’s how!

Add epsom salt to a large tray and begin decorating your village with your gnomes. Use pipe cleaner Christmas trees, candy canes or ornaments for decorations.

This makes an adorable centerpiece!’

Gnome Wine Bottle with Fuzzy Socks DIY Gift
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Wine Bottle Gnome Gift

How to make a Gnome wine bottle and fuzzy socks gift! This easy 5-minute DIY craft is the cutest gift idea for any occasion. Simple Dollar Tree socks and wine craft.
Active Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Yield: 1 Gnome
Author: Amy Locurto



  • 1 pair Dollar Tree Fuzzy Socks
  • 1 Wine Bottle (Can also use Soda or Juice)
  • Craft fur
  • 1 Wooden round ball
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaner optional


  • Roll up one sock and place it inside of the other sock.
  • Tie the toe of the sock hat into a ball. If the fuzzy sock is too thick to tie, use a pipe cleaner and tie around the tip to form a little ball.
  • Cut the fur to the width of your wine bottle. Trim the beard however you like it.
  • With hot glue, glue the fur to the bottle.
  • Glue a wooden ball onto the fur for the gnome’s nose.
  • Place the sock over the wine bottle with the heel facing the back and shape the hat to your liking.
  • Embellish the hat with stickers if you want some extra gnome flair.
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