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My natural products obsession started when I had kids. I began looking at ingredients and realizing there were organic products besides just vegetables. Then because organic markets were far away, hard to find and also expensive, I began making my own cleaning products. To the dismay of my husband’s hatred of the smell of vinegar, water and vinegar became my cleaning product of choice.

Here is a typical conversation in my house when I had tiny babies. These conversations often still occur today…

Husband walking into the kitchen:

“What’s that smell?!? Are you coloring Easter eggs?”

Me in kitchen cleaning (not a usual thing):

“No, I’m cleaning. This is all natural good stuff… I made it myself! DIY baby!”


“At least you’re cleaning, but that stinks.”


“Hang on… I’ll add some lemon oil.” (adds lemon oil)


“Now it stinks like nasty lemons.”


“I promise, it smells good.”






“No you’re not.”


“I know:-)”


Amy Locurto and Baby
Me and my now 10 year old baby!

It’s been over 10 years since my first baby, and it’s so much easier and cheaper to buy natural products! Parenting is hard enough as it is, having great products that provide the no worry factor is especially important for me.

When I first heard about The Honest Company, I thought, “Where was this when I had babies? No fair!”

Oh my goodness… have you seen the adorable diapers? They are so cute!

Well as it turns out, it’s not just all natural products for babies, but so much more. There is cleaning, vitamins, bath and body products, plus the packaging is made with the most environment friendly, renewable materials they can find.

I just tried out a whole slew of their bath and body products from shampoo and conditioner, to lip balm and soap and LOVE them.

The Honest Company | $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway at

Here’s the funny thing, as soon as I opened the box of goodies, my kids went wild. Mind you, as a blogger, I get packages often and my kids usually ignore me opening them… they are just over it. But, the wonderful smell of The Honest Company’s products pulled them in and then the fights began. Not just among my kids, but with me too!

My son literally fought me over the lavender soap! I had to wrestle him and he won! No joke… this is a kid who I have to beg to use soap. What just happened??? ha!

The Honest Company Soy Candle | $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway at

I can “honestly” say… I can’t recommend The Honest Company’s products enough. Anything that gets a stinky 10-year-old boy excited to take a shower is the BEST in my book! At least they didn’t fight me over the soy candle. I’m VERY happy about that.

The Honest Company Lip Balm | $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway at

I’m now addicted to the lip balm and loving the lotion and oil for my daughter’s dry skin. What is great, is it lasts forever! You just need a tiny drop and it covers your hands and arms. Plus, you feel super soft.

The Honest Company Body Lotion | $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway at


And it smells great too! I love the sweet orange vanilla scent. It’s not too much, just enough.

The Honest Company | $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway at


After enjoying these bath and body products so much, I’m happy to tell my husband that I’m switching from vinegar and water to The Honest Company’s cleaning products. I know he’ll be super thrilled!

Who knew a product could help a marriage AND get boys to take showers???


I want to help your family by giving away a $50 gift certificate to use on the products of your choice from The Honest Company!

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The Honest Company ~ Enter to win a $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway at #giveaway

Thank you to The Honest Company for providing this great giveaway!

Originally published on November 21, 2013. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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