I am taking you on a tour of my home. (Well, the part that is not piled with toys, sippy cups and shoes!)

Yesterday, I showed off my cleaned up front porch. Here is a full view of the house. My husband works hard on our yard, so I tried to show a little bit of the green grass. Great job hubby! It was raining when I took this, so it sort of looks like I live in a rain forest.

Come on in Ya’ll…

This is the dinning room I just re-arranged. Since I didn’t plan on doing this, I have no before shots. But I can tell you it was very cluttered with a big tree, ugly dried flowers on little shelves, candle sticks, frames of the kids. Just a bunch of things that didn’t belong!

I am enjoying this toned down simple look. Three things I want to add to this room. Maybe you can give me some ideas!

  1. A Rug. Should it be a colorful pattern or simple?
  2. Blue accents. A peacock blue maybe? Something to help that painting pop. Oh, what about a pretty table cloth? I can’t picture a blue table cloth though? mmmm?
  3. Plates around the big mirror. Or should I just leave it? I can’t make decisions!!
My favorite area of the house is my family photos along the stairs.

I love decorating with old books and fruit.

I usually buy bags of apples and lemons at every grocery store run. I have small children and can’t keep anything too nice within little arms reach! I have a big bowl full of sea shells and those are all broken now! Right before I took this photo below, I realize there was a bite in one of the apples. I should have left it! ha.

Note the big bowl of broken shells on the table above. I can’t believe that crystal bowl is still intact!

Now after looking at these photos. I really want to get new lamps and blue accents! I used to have lamps, in these rooms, but ended up moving them to areas that we actual use on a daily basis.

You may think,  oh bla… where’s the color?  Since all my other rooms are very colorful, I left the entry neutral tones. It’s fun to change color with accents.

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Originally published on September 10, 2008. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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  1. Your house is gorgeous. 😉 I love old books, too. I have two really old Poultry Science books I’m getting rid of if you want them. If I can get a sponsor to send me to the I heart Faces Dallas weekend thing, I’ll bring them to you. 😉

  2. Your entire house is beautiful. Did you say you were an interior designer as well as all of your other “jobs”? I don’t know how your house can be so beautiful and neat when you have children. Mine never looks that pretty.

  3. Your home is beautiful! In the dining area, I would look for some medium to tall floor vases in a bird egg blue color. Fill them with some organic material, such as grasses…. I love it I’m linking to your site.

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