Haunted Halloween Yards are a spooky way to decorate for Halloween! Decorate your yard using tombstones, ghosts, witches, pumpkins, and spider webs.

Our neighborhood turns into a haunted fright night around Halloween time. I thought I would show you a few of the haunted Halloween yards and porches around here to give you the inspiration to decorate your yard this year. Have fun on the haunted tour!

Haunted Halloween Yard Decoration


Rock Legends Cemetary-A Haunted Halloween Yard Rock Tribute

Here is the Rock Legends Cemetary. This is a very clever idea for a haunted Halloween yard. This house has boys who set their band up outside on Halloween night. It’s a party around here for sure. A very loud party!


Spider Webs and Witches Make Great Haunted Halloween Yard Decorations

Across the street from the Rock Legends Cemetary is a giant spider web! This is a great haunted Halloween yard idea if you have a lot of trees. The spider webs are easy to hang up and instantly give your yard a haunted feeling! I love this one that has a witch crashed into it!


How Can I Light Up the Night for Halloween?

For a haunted Halloween yard, use orange, purple, and green lights. Add a fog machine and you will catch the Halloween spirit in no time.

While I was looking at this yard, I noticed the sky. Talk about spooky… look at the clouds and the moon! It looks like a face blowing smoke!

This scared my son, he ran all the way home alone. Poor kid, mommy was too busy taking pictures to go with him.

Close up. Sorry it’s so blurry. It’s hard getting a good shot in the dark.

How to Decorate For Halloween If You Don’t Have a Yard

Don’t have a yard to decorate for Halloween? No problem! One of my favorite ways to decorate my own yard for Halloween is just by simply decorating my front door! These DIY Halloween Door ideas will help you decorate for a haunted Halloween, even without a yard.


Pile up some bones for an instant haunted yard!

For an easy haunted Halloween yard, my neighbor just piled up some skeletons. A graveyard like this is definitely spooky!

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How Will you Decorate your Haunted Halloween Yard?

Tell me how you plan to turn your yard into a haunted Halloween yard this year! I’d love to see your pictures.












Originally published on October 23, 2008. Last Updated on September 17, 2021 by Naomi Calle

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  1. That’s awesome Amy!

    Our neighborhood does nothing, zada, zip, zilch for Halloween. We all just live too far apart and absolutely no kids trick-or-treat here. We all have to go to other towns for our kids to have some fun that night.

    So I am loving your pictures. 🙂

    Angie in OH

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