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After 13 years, I finally got rid of the white carpet in my family room and got wood floors! If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you saw photos of the wood flooring being installed.

I took some before and after photos and thought it would be fun to share today. It’s amazing what a difference floors can make!

Some of you had questions about the flooring, so I will answer them in today’s post and also ask your help for ideas with  decorating my room!!

I hope you’ll help me with some good decorating tips. This is going to be fun. It’s been many years since I did some DIY decorating and it’s much overdue!

First of all, the flooring is a glue down floor with a hand scraped look. I don’t know the name of it, but I got the glue down instead of the nail down flooring because it saved me a lot of money. It’s so beautiful, that I doubt I would ever notice if it was nailed down or glued.

You might notice that in the after photo, I have different furniture. I didn’t buy anything new, but moved my white sofa and chairs from my formal living room into this one. I give my kids 5 days before they spill juice on them!  They are supposed to be stain resistant, so we shall find out soon enough. ha!

Help Amy Decorate

Now that I have “sort-of-new” furniture, I’m SO EXCITED about my new family room!! It looks so different, but now I need your help decorating. I have always had a traditional look and now I want to mix in some more modern items with my traditional large items.

I’m pulling out colors from my painting over the mantel to get started with the decor.

Blue has been a color that I’ve always wanted to mix into my decor. I have a lot of yellow accent pieces and found dark gray window panels at Ikea.

Family Room Makeover - DIY Home Decor

Family Room Inspiration Board

Here is the color scheme I’m loving right now. I can add some coral to the mix as well.

For now, I’m going to get a gray rug to go with my white furniture, then add some simple accents to make the room a little more modern. You can find links to most of these items on my Interior Design Pinterest Board.

Blue, Yellow and Gray Inspiration Board.  Family Room decorating ideas

Gray, yellow and silver are easy to find, but I will have to do some painting to get the blue that I want.

To bring more color into the room, maybe I should paint the table with the lamp blue? It’s a very old table and needs a good coat of paint anyway. But would that be too much blue? Ah, decisions, decisions!

Family Room Makeover - DIY Home Decor

What would you do? Would you paint the table blue or something else?

I’ve been moving some of my yellow and silver accent pieces from other rooms into the family room, and for not spending a dime yet, it’s coming along great!

I’ll share some photos on Instagram and Facebook, if you want to see!

Originally published on September 10, 2013. Last Updated on April 18, 2019 by Amy Locurto

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  2. Hey Amy, your floor is looking simply stunning. I also think that some colorful pillows, curtains and a rug can definitely add some great feature to your room appearance.

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