10 Easy Life Changing Food Hacks to help your groceries last longer and recipes made easier! These are simple time saving kitchen tips everyone should know.

life changing food hacks

Easy Life Changing Food Hacks

Who doesn’t like learning about new food hacks for the kitchen? These creative ideas for food are life hacks that I have learned about through family, friends and of course the internet. Many of them have been life changers for me and I’m sure will be for you too!

I’m often surprised when I share one of these tips with friends and they have never heard about them. Sometimes I think they are so simple everyone has done them too, so I wanted to share about them here on my website.

I hope you learn something new. I especially love food hack number nine! That one is always fun for the kids to do.

Easy food hacks bananas, strawberries and sugar
10 Easy Life Changing Food Hacks

Here are More Easy Hacks You’ll Love:

10 Easy Food Hacks to Try in the Kitchen

Enjoy these simple food hacks by putting them to use in your kitchen to make your groceries last longer and taste better while saving you time.

1. Use an apple slicer as a fast and simple way to cut potatoes for baked french fries.

Life Changing Food Hacks

2. If you have egg shells in your bowl or pan after cracking an egg, just wet your fingers to easily remove the pieces of egg shell.

3. Use kitchen tongs to easily squeeze all of the juice from a lemon.

4. Keep brown sugar from hardening by adding marshmallows to the container.

5. Wrap celery or broccoli in foil to keep it fresh for up to a month.

6. Wrap banana crowns in plastic wrap to keep them fresh longer. Your bananas will stay ripe for about three extra days just by wrapping the top.

food hacks for how to keep bananas ripe

7. Add leftover wine to ice cube molds or a muffin tin and freeze to use for cooking later.

8. Store lettuce with paper towels inside of the container or bag to keep lettuce crisp longer.

9. Use a straw to easily hull a strawberry with no cutting involved. Just pluck the leaves, then push the straw into the top of the berry all the way through to the bottom. Check out my Pinterest Story on how to do this.

10. Soften cookies by sealing a piece of bread inside of the cookie container. I use this one all of the time! As the bread hardens, replace it with a new piece.

lemon cookies recipe with fluffy lemon frosting dessert

I hope you enjoyed these fun food hacks!

Originally published on May 1, 2018. Last Updated on July 17, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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