I am stepping out of my comfort zone today. I’m nervous and I’m scared that I will scare YOU. Like you will watch this and turn off your computer and run for the hills! (or at least the nearest Starbucks).

Please do me a favor and watch this, I promise, it’s not really that long… really. And when you do run off to Starbucks, I’d love a tall, non-fat, no whip Cafe Mocha. Thanks!

(video here)

What is your biggest fear?

Have a question or a topic for a future video? I’d love to hear it! Just leave a comment.

Amy Locurto Vlogs about Fear

Originally published on May 8, 2013. Last Updated on April 18, 2019 by Amy Locurto

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  1. I’m afraid of failing. I want to start a blog but I worry that no one will read it or like it. I want to be a party planner but I worry that I’m not crafty enough and that no one will hire me. So my fear is failure. Can you offer any advise on how t conquer a fear? And I’d love advise on starting a blog, how do you get yourself known? Thank you! And thanks for suggesting the book Start, I will look for it!

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