What? Who? What’s a David Chicken you ask?

He’s one of my dearest friends and FAVORITE kid’s entertainer that’s who! Oh yeah, and he just won this fancy gold statue called an Emmy for his new video. But enough bragging out him, let’s talk about me and how I know this crazy guy with a chicken on his head:-)

It all started about 11 years ago when I interviewed a tall skinny sorta geeky guy for a graphic design position. He was off the cuff talented, so we overlooked his ginormous black digital calculator watch (which he refered to as his sonic laser watch) and hired him. David was in a rock band at the time, but it just didn’t fit his wacky kid like personality. So one day in the office while working on very important brochure, I had this conversation with David:

Me: David, you should write songs for kids and ditch the rock band.

David: Really?

Me: Yeah

David: Mmm…thanks Amy, I think I’ll try that. You’re so smart!

And now he’s a well known kid’s entertainer that travels around the U.S. getting praise from magazines like Nick Jr.!!! Well, I’m sure there were other people involved in his success… oh and his talent for writing catchy songs probably helped a tad, but shhhh, I still like to take all the credit:-)

When you see him on Noggin or the Disney Channel someday, you’ll know who started it all. So because I helped launch his success, David is providing his super-catchy music as a giveaway. This would make a kid VERY happy for Christmas!!

Win a David Chicken Super Fun Pack! (worth $65)

2 CDs

“Emmy Winning” DVD


Chicken Hat


Temporary Tattoos

To learn more about these products, check out the Chicken Store.

To be entered to win David’s Super Fun Pack, you have these options:

For 1 entry:

• Visit David’s web site, then come back and leave a comment telling me the first thing that caught your eye… or your ear!

For 2 entries:

• You can subscribe to my web site by clicking here. (this is a free service, plus it’s lots of fun:-)

**Be sure to let me know you did this in a SEPARATE comment to be given that 2nd entry.

Current subscribers: You automatically get another entry. You still need to leave a 2nd comment though telling me you already subscribe.

For 3 entries:

• Tell me the names of David’s two dogs. This means either you are already a fan, or you really had fun visiting his web site! (leave this in a separate comment also.)

You have until 8 pm (central) Sunday, November 30th. I will randomly choose the winner and announce that person on Monday, December 1st.

Good luck!!! Thanks to David for such an awesome giveaway!

P.S.  Since I have such a problem getting my son to brush his teeth, this Brusha Yo Teeth video is especially one of my favorites!

Here’s a photo of David filming his Mama Chicken rap video in my kitchen. It’s such a funny song! I can’t wait to see the video.

Originally published on November 24, 2008. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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  1. Post 3: Not sure if I have the spelling right but I think the names are Chachie and Joanie. Great contest! What a neat person to know.

  2. The first thing that drew me into the website was the videos. You know I had to watch every last one of them. The first one I watched was “My Brother is a Chicken”. Who can resist that title. Immediately, my son was running around flapping his “wings” and clucking. Our favorite was “Brusha Yo Teeth”…especially when they were brushing things like bologna. Too cute!

    Andrea’s last blog post..Nathan’s artistic endeavors

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