I know some of you are dying to know what our family costumes were, so here is a hint…

Officer Little Dude just got an important call. There’s been a robbery at 1st National Bank!!! ……. And he’s off!!!








Wow! He’s getting promoted to Chief of Police for catching these scary bank robbers! That big one is REALLY scary. Luckily the little one couldn’t run very fast!

Yeah, that was a scary sight to be greeted at the door by me with panty hose on my head! ha. I tell you what, I sure had a good laugh at my husband’s face in this shot!! ha. He looks soooo creepy!!

Thanks to my friends who made this so fun!

The kids had fun painting pumpkins, jumping in the bounce house, eating yummy treats, getting door prizes, bashing the pinyata and their favorite, going on a walk to see the neighborhood Halloween decor! It was a fun filled night!

Check out all the costumes and food! My favorite was the bloody syringe pen party favor. I’m disappointed in myself for not getting more action/party shots. But hey, I can’t do it all. You try getting 15 kids hyped up on sweets to sit still for a photo! ha. I wish you bloggers lived closer to me so you could take my photos!

Want to know who won the best family themed costume award? Go HERE.

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Originally published on October 27, 2008. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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  1. Cop and Robbers costume: I love it but baby should have been dressed as the money sack!!! 😀

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